Dr. Bradlee Novotny
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Novotny learned how important Chiropractic is to healthcare through the positive impact it had on his own life. He was studying to become a MD and was waiting to see if he was excepted into medical school when he started having severe headaches. He was hospitalized for a week and released and told there was nothing wrong with him the headaches were stress related. That same day he went to see a chiropractor who took x-rays of his neck. He was a quarterback in high schools and remembered a time when a lineman came down on his head and he heard his neck “pop”. He seemed fine and thought nothing of it. As the chiropractor looked at the x-rays it was discovered that sure enough he had slightly broken his neck at C6 – no problems until now…

With correct care his health and well-being had never been better. So Dr. Novotny did a mid-course correction, went to Chiropractic school and has never regretted a day since. Chiropractic changed his life and Dr. Novotny is committed to helping you change yours though natural healing, non-invasive healthcare; getting to the source of the problem and helping your body to self-correct, preventing illness, restoring health and increasing your quality of life. Wellness through chiropractic is a journey of vitality, health, performance, potential, energy, attitude, and so much more!


Nebraska Wesleyan University; Cleveland Chiropractic College – Graduated magna cum laude.

Professional Training

Wellness Certified Doctor Extensive Postgraduate Coursework in Sports Injuries and Personal Traumatic Injuries. Currently taking courses/seeking diploma in Kinesology

Professional Experience

Belmont Chiropractic Clinic for 28 years.

Specialized Skills

Wellness certified Doctor – which teaches him not only the newest, most advanced pain relieving techniques, but also techniques to deal with other things that make you ill, such as toxins, allergies, electromagnetic pollution and emotions. In keeping with advanced pain relieving techniques we also employ spinal decompression.

Profession Memberships

ACA (American Chiropractic Assoc.) NCPA (Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Assoc) Honors and Awards: Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1992 Participates with most of the major insurance companies in Nebraska.


Nebraska football, spending as much time with my wife and children as possible, boating, and vacationing around the ocean.

Dr. Kelsey Novotny
Doctor of Chiropractic

After graduating from UNL, I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and attend Cleveland Chiropractic University in Overland, Kansas. It was a unique experience for my then fiancé Alyssa and I, as it was the first time we were truly away from our friends and family. It was a very intensive four years of education that put both Alyssa and I through our toughest challenge to date. On May 14, 2011 after 2 years of Chiropractic school and 7 years of dating, I married that very special person at Pioneers Park here in Lincoln. She was my rock during some very stressful times and I was grateful she was with me through it all. Alyssa and I have one daughter and a small fur-baby named Dublin.

While attending Chiropractic School I specialized in multiple techniques including motion palpation, Sacro Occipital technique (SOT), Gonstead, and Applied Kinesiology. These techniques are mixture of low and high force adjustments so that I would be capable of meeting all of our patient’s needs. I graduated from Cleveland in December 2013 and my wife and I moved back to Lincoln to start our journey together. I’m very excited to be back and look forward to helping all our patients and maintain their active lifestyles through Chiropractic!

Dr. Tanner Burt
Doctor of Chiropractic

My name is Dr. Tanner Burt.  I became a part of this wonderful clinic in October of 2020. I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated from Lincoln Northeast High School. From there, I attended Nebraska Wesleyan University for 3 years to receive my prerequisites for Chiropractic College. I graduated from Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri. During my time at Logan Univ., I was also certified in Active Release Technique. This technique is a non-invasive treatment that is focused on locating and quickly resolving soft tissue disorders. I successfully graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biological Science and my Doctorate of Chiropractic with a focus in ART. What ultimately sparked my passion to become a chiropractor was a severe car accident in high school that left me with no feeling in my right arm. In just a few months of chiropractic treatment, I regained full strength and sensory feeling. This event helped show me that chiropractic care can truly change someone’s life. It was then that I began preparing to become a chiropractor myself. My goal as a chiropractor is to be there for others by helping them achieve a variety of goals that they set for themselves. I feel that it is my responsibility to help educate individuals on the benefits and advantages of chiropractic care.

I am married to my lovely wife, Tayler.  When I am not in the office some of my hobbies include; hunting, fishing, watching football, and spending time with my family.