I had severe mid back pain. Sometimes the pain was so severe that I couldn’t get up off the couch. Three or four days a week the pain would start sometimes while I was driving and then would continue throughout the rest of the day. I spent some time at other doctors but the pain would always continue at random times. I tried everything from medication to stretching but nothing I tried would stop the pain. The first time I free in pain was about 10 years ago during the Texas A&M football game. That day I couldn’t move off the couch, and if I tried to move it would send a jolt of pain throughout my back. I lived with the pain for almost 9 years until I met Dr. Brad. My life was affected in so many different ways, sometimes the pain was so severe while driving I would have to pull over.
Other days I was forced to remain indoors on the couch or the bed which was hard because I am a very active person and love the outdoors. I heard of Belmont Chiropractic through an intern of mine. J.R. had nothing but great things to say about Belmont Chiropractic and told me I had to give them a try since none of my previous doctors helped by pain. My problem literally has been cured by Chiropractic.
I honestly never thought there would be a week let alone a month or even a year that I would go without that terrible pain in my middle back. I joke that Dr. Brad is a miracle worker, in my eyes he really is. I was ready to give up and just live with the pain; even though sometimes it was so severe it brought me to my knees. Not only did Dr. Brad help my back but he also improved my lifestyle. Since coming to Belmont Chiropractic I have been sleeping throughout the night, when before I could only sleep for maybe 2 hours at a time before I would wake up and be forced to try and fall back asleep again. I feel refreshed every morning when I wake up, before I would wake up exhausted.
Some nights I would grind my teeth so bad that I would wake up with a headache & now they are completely gone. I can’t stress enough the gratitude I owe to the great people at Belmont Chiropractic. Without them my life wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable and pain free and I thank them. If I have even the slightest problem from a cold to a pain somewhere on my body I mention it to Dr. Brad or Dr. Evans and I put complete trust in them that they will help me.
Brian V.
I had pain in my left lower back which also went down the back of my left leg. This pain started while I was running during the summer last year. I took a month off from running and when I started running again, it was worse. Dr. Brad and Jennifer are members of our church so I thought I would give chiropractic a try. I was living with pain in my lower left back.
It was getting so it hurt to walk. Dr. Novotny has gotten my back, back in line where it should be and the difference is between night and day. I’m back enjoying running and training for my twelfth marathon – The Boston!!
Carl G.
I was experiencing lower back pain; the pain would go down the back of my leg and into the foot. I went to a medical doctor and got pain pills, but there was no relief. I suffered from this condition for about 4 months. Sometimes I could hardly walk. I missed a lot of work, couldn’t play much with our children, couldn’t golf, and did not get much sleep.
I came into Belmont Chiropractic because my wife and children were getting treatments at the clinic. Dr. Novotny and staff helped me a great deal. After getting treatments, I did not miss any work. I was able to play with the kids and play golf again. Also, I started sleeping better. I’m glad I had Chiropractic care!
Dale V.
I have been having a lot of headaches, major dizziness, I am constantly tired, no energy, body aches and for the better of 6 months. I also have had some weight issues for at least a couple of years and am tired of nothing working to help with this either.
I used to see Dr Brad Novotny over 12 years ago when I still lived in Lincoln - but since I moved West, I haven't found a chiropractor that I am comfortable with or does the adjustments the way I like them. I drive through Lincoln at least weekly - so I decided it was worth it for me to go to Belmont Chiropractic again. This time Dr Kelsey Novotny did the adjustment and it was AMAZING!!! - My dizziness and headache was almost instantly gone. Then I went and had some therapy -- again AMAZING. Then spoke to Dr Brad about my overall health problems and he gave me a few suggestions to try including information to read about Biohealth.
Only 2 days later and I practically "jumped" out of bed today with so much energy, I felt like I could run a mile.(I didn't however) I also had to be on the road most of the day - which normally, I feel like I am practically falling asleep at the wheel most times.(I know - very unsafe) Today - I was alert and awake the entire 4 hours in the car!!! and to top it all off (as if this isn't enough ) I got on the scale and have already started losing weight due to the good suggestions that Dr Brad gave me on proper diet and Biohealth.
I always knew that they were amazing there - but this re-iterated it for me again.
I am so happy and I have a new energy for life that I thought was long gone!!!!
Thank you to Dr Kelsey, Dr Brad, and ALL the Staff at Belmont Chiropractic!!! Can't wait to see you again soon :)
Teresa M.
My back and neck feel much better after going here...improved range of motion for sure and less stress. I run a lot, and the quality of care here is excellent. They all are friendly, professional, sincere, helpful and efficient. The neck adjustments have really helped me move my neck better and I feel better about myself. Better posture too. Good job guys and ladies!!
Owen J.
The hospitality of every single staff member blows me away! They're personable, joyous and eager to help any way they can. Great quality care is expected from all staff. I'm very pleased with this place.
Jamie D.
I feel my time spent here was worth the money. Everyone was very friendly and informative. It seemed people here cared for my health. I especially enjoyed finding answers to my problems and focusing on those versus extra work that didn't need to be done.
Zach S.
The way I was taken care of here was amazing. The staff didn't treat me like just any patient, it was more like a friendship. I would definitely come back to Belmont Chiropractic for therapy again (if needed). I would/will also be recommending Belmont Chiropractic to anyone who will need it.
Clio S.
The care here has always been great. The staff and Dr. Kelsey especially have always been really friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend anyone to come here for their care. My pain has improved dramatically and most importantly I have the knowledge to move forward and keep my back healthy.
David R.
Very caring and knowledgeable team at Belmont Chiropractic. I wouldn't go or recommend anywhere else.
Josh T.
This is a very thorough office from the time you walk in until the time you leave. It feels like family.
Kerri B.
The people here know what they are doing and talking about, they are always so welcoming and never make me feel awkward, nervous, or unwelcome. They also explain the issue and what the treatments are so I feel like I know what is going on and how to improve it.
Athena B.
I have been getting adjustments here for about nine months now. I always feel so much better when I leave. All the staff here are fantastic! I also participate in Dr. Novotny's wellness program. I cannot say enough good things about it. I am so much healthier for it. I highly recommend this business.
Luanna K.
The staff is very friendly and efficient. Professional service is always provided. My treatments have been very helpful. Assessment of my issues has been very thorough. The therapy staff is very is very helpful and caring and fun.
Bernice S.