A Little Nostalgia…

Chiropractic helps Babe Ruth and Other Yankee’s keep in Perfect Physical Condition.


Every baseball fan will of course immediately recognize Babe Ruth in the article. But the gentleman at the extreme left , in the process of applying a bandage, is not so well known to the general public.  In Chiropractic circles, however, he is quite the Bambino in the  baseball world. His name is Erle V. Painter, B.C., trainer of the New York Yankees and also the man who is largely responsible for the excellent condition of the team. By applying the principles of modern Chiropractic, in treating Ruth, Dr. Painter has amazed the wiseacres of the diamond, who years ago opined that “The Babe” was definitely “out of the running”. The results he has accomplished with other members of the team have been almost equally remarkable. Although he never clouts one over the fence, or aids in a sensational double play, Erle Painter is generally recognized as one of the most valuable men on the Yankee pay roll. Dr. Painter is one of a growing group of enlightened Chiropractors who place much stress  upon preventive counsel. As a general practitioner, he has devoted much time to teaching patients how to relax and rest; what to eat; how to walk correctly; the proper posture to maintain, and other essentials of health conservation. He conceives the Chiropractor’s duty to embrace not only the correct adjustment of the spine, but also to educate the patient in maintaining  a high standard of health. And this creed is heartily endorsed by Chiropractors of high standing throughout the country.

Taken from a Newspaper article  1920 “The Christy Walsh Syndicate”


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