Spinal Health and Nervous System Function

Some think chiropractic is about bad backs and neck pain. But the truth is that the spine is intimately connected to all functions in the body because of the nervous system wiring. Chiropractic adjustments improve so many aspects of health and performance for babies, kids, and adults of all ages. Not because chiropractic is so great, but because the functional capability of the body is so great. And it’s connected to the spine through the nervous system. Check out this picture looking into the spine with the bones cut away. The nervous system wiring is so intricate and complex. Tiny misalignments in the spine create interference in the nervous system, leading to mal-function in the body. The worst part about most misalignments (called subluxation) is that they cannot always be felt. Like high blood pressure or cavities, they require specific testing to detect and locate. Chiropractors assess and correct subluxations to allow for greater health and improved performance for all ages. Everyone deserves a Chiropractor for greater life expression…through optimizing spinal health and nervous system function!

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